Cuesta College has been searching for a suitable south county satellite location for over 20 years.   

Offering a satellite campus in the south county creates access for more students that otherwise may not attend due to lack of transportation options. 

The Dana Reserve Specific Plan includes a 4-acre improved parcel that was donated for a South County Satellite Campus for Cuesta College classes. The improvements include grading, curb, gutter, sidewalk, and utilities.  

This campus will significantly reduce commute times for south county students. The reduction in daily commutes lowers greenhouse gas emissions and will help to relieve congestion at the Shell Beach straights.  

The Dana Reserve will also include two transit stations, creating transportation options for Cuesta students and employees. Again, creating more access to classes and reducing costs and greenhouse gases.  

The Dana Reserve Specific Plan includes a non-profit day care facility near the Cuesta satellite campus, creating more opportunities for parents with young children to attend classes and childcare options for Cuesta College employees. 

With a satellite South County Cuesta Campus, it is expected that more south county high school seniors will take advantage of the Cuesta Promise.  

In addition to the benefits of a south county satellite campus for Cuesta College, the workforce housing is significantly important to the future of the 1100 members of the Cuesta workforce. Adding to the workforce housing supply will assist Cuesta in attracting and retaining talented employees.  

 The satellite campus will expand opportunities for dual enrollment students to take additional college classes, enrichment and continuing education classes will be offered at the south county location.