The Dana Reserve Plan replaces the outdated SLO County plan to connect Hetrick and Pomeroy, impacting neighborhoods.

Our three-part plan to enhance the flow of traffic for both residents and neighbors includes:

  • Extending the 101 frontage road to reduce traffic on Mary and Tefft, including weekend Swap Meet traffic.
  • Connecting Willow and Pomeroy to direct traffic flow away from Glennhaven and Ten Oaks and improving circulation.
  • Using two internal collector roads to direct traffic to the Willow on-ramp and enhance circulation.

The first identified SLOCOG south county critical infrastructure project identified is the completion of north frontage road connecting to Willow including the signalization of Willow and new frontage road connection. ​

The project will connect the long planned, yet not constructed, north frontage road to Willow. This will help relieve congestion on Tefft and give weekend Swap Meet traffic another access and exit.​

The second identified south county critical infrastructure need is the connection from Pomeroy to Willow originally planned by the County to connect to existing Hetrick at the Glenhaven hairpin turn. We have offered and will construct as a part of the project an improved more direct route from Pomeroy to Willow away from Glenhaven and Hetrick, allowing this area of Nipomo a more direct route to 101 and removing this traffic from Teft and 101. We will also connect these first two improvements together in the center of the Dana Reserve to allow for a direct connection to retail shopping area within the project.​

The third identified south County critical infrastructure is the signalization of both the North bound and South bound offramps at Willow and 101. The timing of the installation of signals at ramps will be determined by a Caltrans signal warrant. This signal warrant is estimated to be at approximately 40% to 50% of project completion. The frontage road is to be completed before any homes are occupied in Phase 1.​