People’s Self-Help Housing

The Dana Reserve includes an improved land donation to People’s Self-Help Housing and Lucia Mar Unified School District to build 156 deed-restricted units for those with low, very low, and extremely low incomes. This neighborhood will be split into two parcels, located at the entrance near the commercial offerings and transit stops, and the second near the large passive park and daycare center. 

Neighborhood 10A will offer 84 units to LMUSD teachers and staff, and Neighborhood 10B will have 72 units for other members of our community.

Service is at the heart of our organization. For our current 10,000 residents who call People’s Self-Help Housing home, it comes in the form of attractive neighborhoods, affordable rents or mortgages, access to social workers, and a vibrant education program. 

Our service comes in many forms. Perhaps unknowingly to you, your bookkeeper arrived to work refreshed from a good night’s sleep because their PSHH home is quiet and safe. And maybe your dental appointment was on time because the journey to work for the front desk staff was short. Possibly your elderly friend received compassionate care from a nursing student who graduated top of their class because of support from our dedicated educators.

Perhaps your home increased in value because you and your neighbors advocated for the building of a PSHH property in your neighborhood. We serve many constituents, the environment by reducing polluting commutes, the economy through the infusion of millions of permanent investment dollars, and the employer because affordable housing attracts good local workers.

See our SLO County units.