Local Priority

The Dana Reserve is unique in that the goal from the start was to include as many homes as possible that would be considered homes for the “missing middle”.  ​The focus is on building homes for our current workforce. The Regional Housing Needs Assessment (or RHNA) identifies the need for 3,256 new homes in the unincorporated area of the County.   ​

In 2019 SLO County conducted a study that identified the Canada Ranch, now the Dana Resrve, as the South County location to help meet County’s RHNA housing needs.​

The result is, as proposed, two-thirds of the homes are projected to be workforce housing or less. Workforce housing is based on median income and for San Luis Obispo County that falls in the $600k range, which is still expensive. But it will only become more expensive to be a homeowner in our county.  ​

The Dana Reserve will give a priority to local residents for home sales and also to interested buyers that can prove that living at the Dana Reserve will reduce their vehicle miles traveled as compared to their existing residence.