Dana Ridge Nature Preserve

Oak Tree Preservation

1,834 oak trees will be preserved on site at the Dana Reserve and another ​1,554 oak trees will be planted at the Dana Reserve​. In total 3,388 oak trees will be preserved or planted on-site at the Dana Reserve. ​

As part of the oak tree mitigation plan we have purchased a nearly 400 acre parcel that was also part of the original Dana Rancho Nipomo land grant. 10,600 – 14,000 trees will be permanently preserved on this site with a conservation easement and management by a local nonprofit conservation group. In total, with the applicant preferred alternative, at the Dana Reserve and the Dana Ridge Nature Preserve there will be between 14,152 –17,552 oaks preserved and planted. This means for every tree that is removed to build homes, 4-5 times as many will be permanently preserved.