It's Time To Make Your Move

The Dana Reserve represents an historic opportunity to own a new home, in a new community, in a town deeply rooted in its small-town, rural charm. The Dana Reserve is historic on many levels, given not only its rich heritage but in its ability to offer an abundance of new homes in a county where notoriously few exist. It offers an enlightened land plan that strikes the delicate balance between the built environment, and what remains untouched, such as large stands of oak trees, native grasses, scenic vistas, sprawling meadows, while providing residents the wide-open spaces, parks, and trails to walk, ride, relax and enjoy. Nipomo remains one of the few towns in California whose nearly 400+ resident volunteers from the Dana Adobe wrap their arms around its rich, historical culture while offering visitors a warm embrace, as it continues to live proudly in one of California’s earliest settlements.

Dana Reserve offers diverse and attainable housing opportunities for the local workforce and their families.