An Environmentally Responsible, Balanced Plan

"Sustainable communities share a common purpose: places where people thrive to enjoy good health and create a high quality of life. A sustainable community reflects the interdependence of economic, environmental, and social issues by acknowledging that growth must continue in the future without diminishing the land, water, air, natural and cultural resources that support it.”  Kate Benfield, Director of the Sustainable Communities and Smart Growth program at Natural Resources Defense Council.

Energy & Recycling – California & SLO County have some of the most advanced efficiency standards in the nation. The Dana Reserve is designed to comply with these standards including such things as energy requirements, water conservation requirements, and overall building performance for housing and commercial buildings. In addition, California has adopted a “Green code” to further enhance the energy efficiency performance of all buildings, standards for recycling, and water conservation. Learn More

Oak Trees – Conservation & Preservation – A majority of the centrally, located oak woodland is to be maintained as part of the Dana Reserve Specific Plan. Where development is to occur adjacent to coast live oaks, County oak tree protection measures will be implemented. A combination of both on-site mitigation and off-site mitigation will be used to offset the live oak trees. Dana Reserve has purchased property that was part of the original Dana Rancho Nipomo for the off-site mitigation featuring a natural habitat and oak preserve deemed similar in character and quality of the coast live oaks to be removed within the Dana Reserve. This 385-acre natural habitat and oak preserve will be permanently maintained through a conservation easement with management and oversite by a local, non-profit conservation group. Docent-led hikes will be offered to the public several times a year to experience this spectacular treasure. In addition to exploring and learning about the natural habitat, hikers will be rewarded with an awesome 360-degree view at the summit. Learn More

Water Resources & Conservation – The Dana Reserve recognizes water as a precious resource that needs to be used wisely and efficiently. The plan incorporates the most current standards for use of drought-tolerant native vegetation wherever practicable, using state of the art irrigation systems and best practices for the establishment of plantings and long term maintenance. Learn More

Transportation, Transit & Trails-  The Dana Reserve is making regional and onsite improvements to help relieve congestion on Tefft Street and Ten Oaks corridors which includes the extension of North Frontage Road to Willow Road and the North-South connection from Pomeroy Road to Willow Road. Other improvements include a transit stop in Village Center and at the Park & Ride lot on Willow Road. A network of trail systems includes pedestrian, bike, and equestrian connections weaving throughout on-site neighborhoods and parks. Learn More