We need the Dana Reserve project

I support the housing development known as the Dana Reserve in Nipomo. Our area is in desperate need of housing, especially affordable housing for young, working adults. This neighborhood will directly address this need by providing a significant number of affordable housing units, which will enable young people like my own kids to find suitable homes within our community. Our own son was only able to buy his older, fixer-upper because we helped him to do so. We want to do the same for our daughter, but the prices have exceeded our budget. This project will even help my elderly parents who rent in the area and have also been priced out of a home. By providing a mix of housing options, this development fosters a sense of diversity and inclusivity within our region.

As a Nipomo property owner, I am apprehensive of the upcoming increase in water fees, which is estimated to be in excess of 30 percent. This project pays for water from Santa Maria, helping the Nipomo Community Services District to reduce its reliance on groundwater.

Please join me to support homes for locals by writing to the SLO County supervisors by Aug. 14.

Shannon Kessler

Originally published as an Opinion Letter to the Editor in the Santa Maria Sun

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